About Our Business
About Us
Putnam Group Ltd. , with its principals operating through  various companies
associations since 1984 --  has a global market presence with continued operations and
history spanning over two decades with various operations.

We offer outstanding private investment banking and other related services, to include:

Private securities trading, securities research and due diligence services, private asset
and investment management services through our direct associations with banking and
securities firms on a world-wide basis.

Putnam Group, Ltd.,  is a respected firm in the private financial and investment
marketplace and is close to those banking institutions and securities firms, which are
considered leaders in such activities as:

Securities trading & lending services

Private placements

Structured debt securities

Private Investments services

Project financing

Commercial real estate financing

At Putnam Group,we will work with you to develop the best investment & financial  
strategy for your company, no matter how large or small.

We're here to answer your questions anytime and work with you  directly to find a
creative solution to your financial transaction.